Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings

A monk, a rogue, a gunslinger, and a witch all arrive in Sandpoint in time to witness the swallowtail festival. A fairly prominent local festival celebrating life, joy, and the Gods. This year is a special one as the massive new Sandpoint church is being dedicated to the Gods and officially opened to the public. Through their valiant efforts a raid on the town during the festival is thwarted and they became local heroes. The oddities do not stop there however and during the raid it is discovered that a tomb was opened in the chaos, the tomb of the towns original priest. The remains stolen and skeletons left as a surprise for those who found out. The heroes as payment for saving a man during the raid are invited out for a day of boar hunting at the behest of Aldern Foxglove, a local merchant and noble from Magnimar in town for the festival. The Innkeeper Ameiko is captured by her brother at the family home where he has sacrificed his father and is preparing to take her back to locations unknown. The group saves the innkeeper and discovers a more unsettling secret. A woman of power is controlling the events of past several days and has opened up an ancient horror below Sandpoint. The party makes their way into the catacombs of wrath beneath the town to stop the creature that lurks there from unleashing monsters on the town and to stop the sudden wave of violent behavior in the citizens of Sandpoint. Beneath the city there was a strange cathedral in this place was a well, an ancient fountain of energy that seemed fueled by emotion that could spew forth horrific monsters and affect those around it and the party discovers a strange symbol in the room for the first time. They discover ties there to thistletop where goblins are poised to attack the town in force.* More disconcerting though are the scrawling text of ancient Thassilonian on the deeper sections of the caverns, and the sounds of baying dogs behind a blocked wall that leads deeper into the earth.* After the caverns of wrath there is a slight shift within the party. The monk knows that there is more danger that lurks within ground beneath the catacombs, fearing for the safety of the obviously woefully unprepared town he begins taking a more direct role in the towns defense and resigns from the party. His place is taken by a Drow spell slinging swordswoman interested in the parties adventures. In addition the gunslinger is caught in a series of unfortunate events and murders a man in self defense he had been trying to con in a local bar. Even though he was a hero of Sandpoint, his welcome had been waning with the constant con attempts and he is offered a choice. Be hung for the murder, or he could go with the Blackwatch guardsman to the worldwound and defend the wall from the demons. Both likely a death sentence but one has distinctly more honor than the other. So he left with the blackwatch. The party is surprised to discover there witch is missing at the start of their journey to thistletop. They arrive to find her captured, and the scholar bodert Quink murdered. They release her and continue the fight into thistletop where they deal directly with the goblin threat. Then making their way down into the depths of the structure they take on the true threat of the region. Nualia the assumed deceased daughter of the former priest of Sandpoint, has been leading the goblins here and attempting to serve her new master Lamashtu, the goddess of monsters. Having already commited several atrocities and being gifted with a monstrous figure. On the body of Nualia the party finds a pendent with the same symbol as the strange well in the cavern beneath sandpoint. What does the symbol mean? images.jpg



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